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Information about the Swedish HPH network

The Swedish HPH network has been working towards a more health-oriented health service since 1996. Today, a majority of all county councils are members, and we have more than 80 hospitals and health care organizations as individual member in the network.


Being part of the Swedish HPH network implies focusing on how the health care and health services contribute to better health for patients, co-workers and the population. We strive towards a health orientation in all health care and health services, using the following four perspectives:


Patient perspective

In the patient perspective we want health services to be adapted for better patient empowerment. We develop health promoting encounters to enhance the patient´s trust in his or her own capabilities to handle illness or disease and to improve health. This is important in all parts of health service, from patients who are critically ill to counseling for lifestyle change.  We have developed web based training programs, and the task-
forces on tobacco, physical activity, alcohol prevention and nutrition work with the implementation of national guidelines for lifestyle intervention  based on this approach.


Co-worker perspective

Focus of the co-worker perspective is on how health services, as employers, can improve the work environment for their employees and become health promoting work places. This is done i.e. by promoting health, preventing disease and to support return to work after a sick leave. The task force has developed a tool-kit in order to support on individual, group and organizational level.


Population perspective

A major challenge is to develop our activities also for the benefit of the populations’ health. Our network has, with the help from health economists, developed a “Health Calculator” where you can calculate the future costs, in ill-health and in money, for the population in your county/catchment area if nothing is done on lifestyle intervention.


Management perspective

In the management perspective, we work together in our network of counties/regions to develop agreements and purchasing systems, so that they support health orientation.

“The Swedish HPH network give our hospital a quality trademark of the obvious: To meet every patient as a unique person with important experiences. To increase the knowledge of lifestyle habits and their importance for health. To support patients as well as co-workers to make good choices for their health”
Ann Stokland, manager of the hospital of Kungälv, in the county council of Västra Götaland.



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